"because it's CRAZY NOT TO TALK about mental health"

Help erase stigma!

Our voices are powerful things

stop_the_crazyWe can beat the ugly monster we call stigma.  One small voice that makes the choice to speak out can change the world.

imagine what we can do when we put our voices together, when you choose to have a conversation or correct someone when they make a joke about something they don’t know about.

YOU are changing the world. When we change our own worlds the rest of the world follows. Keep up the good work!!!

Mental Health Supports

HelpAll of us have ways of supporting our mental health.  We’d like to explore some of the best and most effective ways to take charge of our well being.  See if they make a difference in your life.  Please let us know what works for you.

Project T.E.A.L.

Teal_redchairProject T.E.A.L. (Teaching Everyone Awareness & Love) is one way we’re reaching out to communities to spread the word that we all need to talk about mental health.  Our furry mascot is a cuddly teddy bear.

A photo album of T.E.A.L. events can be found here.